About company


Nikan Informatics and Knowledge Development Consultants Company (Ltd.) was registered under 38251 & national ID number 10380539316 on March 15, 2010.

Object clause of the company:

- Offering computer products & services in the field of Mainframe computers and Minicomputers, Telecommunication networks, including hardware and software

- Offering comprehensive solutions in the field of Informatics & IT projects, Knowledge Management, Electronic Contents & E-Business, design & implementation of Informatics websites

- Offering Management consulting services in the field of information systems and consultation and supervising the implementation of informatics projects

- Presenting, installing & supporting foreign software (systems & tools)

- Designing, establishing, implementing and supporting applied systems according to products development customers' orders

- Offering educational services in all the fields related to IT and products

- Designing, establishing, implementing and supporting WANs using modern technologies

- Offering supporting services (software & hardware)

- Designing, establishing, administering and supporting great Internet Data Centers

- Offering Informatics Networks services


As we are growing in our Informatics Goals, We learn more and more about our Services like Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Application Development, Internet Marketing, Copywriting, Web Consulting, Domain Registration, Web Hosting and ... .

Your satisfaction is very important to us. The Nikanic Website Warranty demonstrates that we stand by our work. Our warranty ensures client satisfaction long after the work is done.

Nikanic provides the service and quality organizations require.


President & CEO

Shahryaar Mohammadzadeh